Structural Integration

Structural IntegrationBased on the work of Dr. Ida P. Rolf, Structural Integration (sometimes called Rolfing®) is based on the idea that the entire structural order of the body needs to be realigned and balanced within the field of gravity. The client’s structure is addressed through myofascial techniques designed to restore balance to the body. A practitioner of structural integration has a ten-session cycle of work, in which different angles and degrees of physical pressure are used to stretch and guide fascia to a place of improved function. The goal is to create a more resilient, higher-energy system, free of inhibitions due to past trauma. Over the course of ten weeks, each area of the body will be addressed and clients will generally feel greater ease of movement and less pain while developing a deeper awareness of the their body and how it functions. The form of bodywork is ideal for anyone looking to address chronic functional restrictions or gain a deeper understanding of how to move with ease and comfort.