Apana Vayu

Apana Vayu is the downward current of energy, originating at the navel and descending through legs and feet.  With its focus on exhalations, it nourishes both the eliminatory system (purifying the body) and the reproductive system (supporting healthy menstruation, childbirth).  This vayu is associated with the root (Muladhara) and sacral (Svadhisthana) chakras, as well as the elements of earth and water.  Emotionally, a freely flowing Apana Vayu finds us feeling grounded and safe enough to release that which no longer serves us – ultimately emerging from this process of purification feeling lighter and more at ease.

An offering of grounding practices geared toward awakening our Apana Vayu:

asana – standing poses, hip openers, “closed” poses (all limbs remain connected to earth, another surface (wall/prop) or another part of the body), poses that find limbs touching/crossing over one another

pranayama – exhalation extensions

meditation/visualization – visualize yourself seated in nature, release any heavy thoughts or feelings into the support of earth – as you let go of anything that no longer serves you, acknowledge a sense of lightness and ease

mudra – Apana Mudra – touch tips of ring and middle fingers to tips of thumbs, index and pinky fingers extend away from palms, rest backs of hands on thighs or knees

Come awaken your Apana Vayu in Carolyn’s classes the week of September 1.

Shanti, shanti, shanti



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