Crystal Bowl Sound Healing

Jill Michelwith Jill Michel
Saturday, February 3
1:00pm – 2:30pm




Sound Healing is an ancient practice used to promote higher states of consciousness, awareness, healing and connection to ourselves and all that is. The crystal singing bowls emit healing tones, frequencies and vibrations that carry us into deeper states of relaxation where we are able to let got of the mind chatter and drift into higher states of self awareness, consciousness and connection. By accessing altered states of the mind thru sound we move into an expanded state beyond what we think we know and move into the field of coherence where we are connected to each other and all that is. The healing tones then invite us to move beyond this place into even higher states of consciousness and morphic fields of information. This is considered the download state, where we are able to connect to and access energies and information that reorganize aspects of the mind that are no longer useful -such as belief systems that continue to attract situations and experiences in life that no longer feel good or may feel limiting. The vibrations also have the ability to recharge our energy fields and energy centers and therefore allow the physical body to relax and release tension, shift and open.

Jill Michel will begin first with a guided meditation into the body where we will we focus our energy connecting deeply into our bodies and being curious about what the body is truly feeling. We will then extend our awareness into our connection to the earth which will naturally give us a sense of safety, support and anchoring. The sound healing will follow bringing us into the higher states of awareness and healing.

Cost: $40


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