Ever Yoga 200hr Basic & 300hr Advanced Teacher Training


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200hr Basic and 300hr Advanced Yoga Teacher Trainings begin in January!




200hr Basic Teacher Training – begins January 5

Seeking to deepen your practice? Inspired to teach? Your journey begins here…
Our 200 Teacher Training program provides a safe and nurturing environment for trainees to experience and integrate an in-depth knowledge of the many facets of yoga. Whether teaching privately or in a group setting, a gentle or more challenging practice, trainees will develop the tools and confidence needed to think on their feet and create a meaningful practice for both themselves and others.

300hr Advanced Teacher Training – begins January 19

“An Advanced Teacher is one who is committed to mastering the art of being a student…”
Continued learning manifests continued growth, evolve as both a student and a teacher with the Ever Yoga 300 hour Advanced Teacher Training. In this program you will develop your ability to recognize and address the needs of your students through a more profound understanding of anatomy and kinesiology relative to asana, alignment, and intelligent sequencing…and much more!!!

“The RYT training at Highland Yoga is positively bar none. Within this studio’s peaceful sanctuary and its haven of safe play, you will learn about the practice of yoga, its guiding philosophies and a variety of instructional techniques that adapt to practitioners of any level or physical ability.

Stephen and Carolyn have a seemingly infinite amount of yogic knowledge and they infuse every lesson and class with their love for the practice. Stephen’s background in anatomy and physiology uniquely benefits the class, especially during instruction of proper alignment and body positioning. Carolyn then translates this foundation into a masterfully-constructed practice that beautifully demonstrates yoga’s ability to transform both mind and body. Together, Stephen and Carolyn create a comprehensive and well-balanced training that is equally supportive and educational. Highland Yoga’s RYT training leaves students feeling confidently prepared and enthusiastic about the teaching career that now awaits them.

Expect to laugh, expect to cry, expect to delve deep into parts of yourself that you never even realized existed ~ and, most of all, expect to come away from the RYT training with the proud assurance that you have learned from the best.” 
~ Lindsey Rogers

For more information visit www.ever-yoga.com, email us at info@ever-yoga.com or speak with Carolyn/Stephen at (973)838-9642.

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