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  1. Having been a fitness professional myself for 20 years, I have a pretty high standard when it comes to my own instructors when I have an opportunity to take a class. When I came to Highland Yoga, I was immediately drawn in & impressed with the level of care, compassion & concern for each participant. Even though we are a collective group taking the same class, I notice each instructor takes the time to introduce themselves to the new faces in class and ask all of the questions that I would do when I have a new client. This yoga studio continues to inspire me in my own practice, has taken me to the next level of certain poses I never thought I would be able to achieve and I am constantly learning something new in each & every practice there. I absolutely love the variety of classes and levels offered as well as the individuality of teaching styles amongst the Highland tribe. Whether you would like to begin a yoga practice, or you are a seasoned Yogi, I HIGHLY recommend Highland!!! You will LOVE it.

  2. I started practicing at Highland Yoga in 2010, a year after having my baby. My initial thought was yoga is a good workout and it will help me lose some post baby weight. What I found at Highland was so much more. I found a community of people that are supportive, warm, inspirational and kind. I found a lifestyle there that shifted my anxious mood, eliminated back pain that I had for years, gave me the energy to keep up with my active toddler, and encouraged positivity in the present. Owners Stephen and Carolyn care about everyone who walks through the door. All of the instructors explain poses very thoroughly to the point where you are still learning how to improve simple postures years later. The variety of classes is impressive. I found that even though I started excelling at the physically advanced classes, it was more important for my mind to add in the gentler classes as well. I more than lost the baby weight and have defined abs for the first time in my life, but that’s secondary to the tools I have learned here to manage how I feel in stressful situations. Owner Stephen also offers “body work” massage and structural realignment. After having lower back pain for three years, these sessions totally eliminated the pain. In addition to the massage sessions, Stephen educated me on how simply paying attention to your alignment (like how you sit in the car) and making a shift to your posture can help ease my injury. I cannot say enough positive things about Highland Yoga. Namaste to everyone there who touched my life. Lauren

  3. Hi
    i just want to say that your studio is like a small family. It provides a kind environment for all who attend. Its like the premise of yoga, it passes no judgement on abilities. I have been practicing for years. My desire to do yoga has never faltered. Even if you go way for a time its always there to bring back into your life. I use it daily and find it a strength and a comfort.


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