Samana Vayu

“Sama” means equal, and in the context of Samana Vayu refers to its home at the center of the solar plexus as being the point of balance between Apana Vayu (downward current/exhalation focused) and Prana Vayu (upward current/inhalation focused).  It’s influence on the breath reflects this balance through equal inhalations and exhalations.  The inhales find energy radiating from the solar plexus outward in all directions horizontally, while the exhales find that energy drawn in toward the deep core.  Samana Vayu supports the digestive system, as well as all of the abdominal organs.  It is associated with the 3rd chakra, Manipura, and the element of fire.  A vibrant transformational fire finds us nourished on all levels, allowing us to digest and assimilate not only food, but also sensory perceptions and experiences.  With the clarity to see the growth and learning afforded by even our more challenging moments, we emerge stronger, more confident, and with a greater sense of direction.

An offering of practices the awaken Samana Vayu:

asana – twists, forward bends, backbends done laying on the belly

pranayama – samavrtti (equal inhalation and exhalations), bhastrika (similar to kapalabhati, but with equally forceful inhalations and exhalations)

meditation/visualization – seated in meditation, visualize a warm and radiant golden energy within the solar plexus, sense its horizontal expansion outward in all directions on inhalations, and its return to center on exhalations

mudra – Matangi Mudra – interlace hands with right thumb on top, extend middle fingers forward, set wrists in front of solar plexus (space between low ribs and navel)

Experience Samana Vayu in classes with Carolyn the week of September 15.

Shanti, shanti, shanti

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