3rd Annual Sun Salutations for Peace

with Stephen Tortorello
Saturday, April 21




The Sun Salutation unites body, mind, and breath in a rhythmic flow that exemplifies meditation in motion. This transformational experience has the potential to strengthen the body, calm the mind, and open the heart, bringing about a state of deep inner peace.

The number 108 has long been considered a sacred number in Hinduism and Yoga. Renowned mathematicians of Vedic culture viewed the number 108 as a representation of the wholeness of existence. Yogis have always used this number, or a derivation of it, to chant or meditate. We will continue in this tradition, offering the challenge of 108 sun salutations as a means to cultivate inner peace. When able to do so on the mat, we find it easier to access that same sense of calm when encountering difficult scenarios off the mat as well. Each action we take toward developing our own inner peace, allows us to introduce that peace into the world.

Cost: $30
Pre-Registration required by March 30 in order to receive commemorative shirt

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