Angela Cays

Angela CatsAngela has earnestly been on the path of practice since 1999 when a friend invited her to a Thich Nhat Hanh based sangha (meditation group) where she felt like she had come home. Continuing to meet weekly with the sangha in a yoga studio, she began taking yoga classes and workshops there. It was in a workshop with Suzie Hurley in 2002 that the seed for becoming a yoga teacher was planted. Having been a high school math teacher, licensed professional counselor, and a lover of dance and music; Angela’s shift to becoming a yoga teacher was a natural one. She completed her 200 hour yoga teacher training in the fall of 2006 at Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health, her 500 hour advanced teacher training with Sheryl and Neil Edsall at Naturally Yoga in Glen Rock, NJ in the fall of 2011, and is registered with the Yoga Alliance.

Angela’s classes approach the body mindfully, beginning with a thorough warm up to prepare for deeper stretching and strengthening postures. She encourages students to develop their witness consciousness and listen to their body’s inner wisdom to have a safe and meaningful experience in class.

Her studies with Sheryl and Neil Edsall, MeriLynn Blum, Damian Boscardin, and Anodea Judith (Psychology of the Chakras, Mind Body Integration) have enriched her ability to understand how the practice of yoga effects individual transformation – body, mind, and spirit. Her Bhakti practice has been deepened through her advanced training and chanting mantra is a regular part of her classes and her daily life. She couples the teachings of yoga with her training and experience as a counselor to cultivate a therapeutic effect in both her group classes and private yoga sessions. Her newest teacher is her daughter who reminds her daily to be fully present in each moment to see the amazing beauty and joys in this life and presents an ongoing invitation to deepen the practice using the concepts of impermanence and non-attachment to transform difficulties.

With deep gratitude to her teachers and for the path of practice, Angela’s intention for right livelihood is realized by the opportunity to teach yoga. She understands the reciprocal relationship of her own personal practice and that of her teaching. It is both for herself and her students that she works to create safe and sacred spaces where the seeds of peace, love, compassion, and grace can be watered so that beautiful flowers can bloom.