Christine Vander Ploeg

Christine Vander PloegE-RYT200/RYT 500, Reiki II, Shamanism. Christine’s yoga journey began in 1998 and became serious by 2001. In 2005 she realized how her own yoga practice improved her life and felt the desire to share it with others so pursued the 200 hour teacher training in 2007 and the 500 hour training in 2011 at YogaFlow Body & Mind. Christine has also participated in workshops with Dharma Mittra and teacher programs offered at Omega and Kripalu. She has been a moonlight teacher since 2005 at various studios, provided private sessions and corporate programs. Christine has her Bachelor of Science Degree from Lesley University in Psychology and Creativity with an emphasis in the healing arts including art therapy techniques, shamanic studies and expressive therapies. She has studied mandalas with Clair Goodwin, Sarah Tomlinson, soul painting through the chakras with Alex Grey and the Betty Edwards, “Drawing from the Right Side of the Brain.” Her interests in consciousness studies, drumming and gemstones have drawn her to the Michael Harner Foundation of Shamanic Studies where she has completed certification between 2007 to present in, The Way of the Shaman, Shamanic Extraction Healing, Dying and Beyond, Shamanic Dream work and Core Soul Retrieval. Currently she is preparing to start her three year program of advanced initiations in shamanism and shamanic healing. . She believes Creativity is the true expression of the soul and yoga is a pathway in developing, nurturing and aligning ones creative spirit in all aspects.

“The most precious gift of the mind-its total freedom-is the source of our creativity” (Chopra, 2006, p. 187)

“It’s through creativity that we inspire-innovate-create-discover-evolve-adapt-survive-problem solve, expand and self actualize.” (Christine L. Vander Ploeg, 2010)

“Artists are like shamans of their community; they connect with realms beyond the physical plane, receiving messages, and bringing them back for all to see.” (McNiff, 2004)